Welcome to our new website!

The Shahneshin Foundation represents a nonprofit organization, and also an independent center for innovative design, education, and research. Within our NGO we promote future-thinking approaches through educational and promotional events: awards, campaigns, competitions, exhibitions, lectures, studies, seminars, symposiums, and workshops.

This age we are facing a bleak future with few markers for orientation [if any]. A century of saying yes to everything, of “progressive liberation” and disengagement – first with politics, then with the disciplines, locality, history, technology and even with style – has left us with a disorienting culture shape, mindscape, smooth and cynical opportunism.

Somehow we have to turn the wave, and or have a mental corner. There is a huge need for a brand new organization model in which research products area created to use the full media and directed specifically at citizens. This inspired us all to initiate the Shahneshin Foundation.

The Shahneshin Foundation (SF), during its first year, has built an exceptional array of programs and initiatives, in social networks, and became widely recognized as one of the founding and leading centers for future culture.

The Shahneshin Foundation is a moral and ethical institution that is created by visionary and passionate friends with common philosophy, both in life and profession and their deep and personal motivation.